PharmLog’s production authorisation enables it to carry out production activities without opening the primary packaging. These activities are performed in a separate production area.

PharmLog is also active in the field of production. Production involves the assembly of sales aids and activities such as the filling of displays and the packaging of money trays or other finished advertising material in shipping cartons.

Examples of pharmaceutical rework include:

  • Exchange / addition of instructions for use and package leaflets
  • Production of other package sizes
  • Labelling (e.g. clinic packages, doctors’ samples)
  • Package marking (e.g. batch, expiry date, or doctors’ sample)
  • Creation of labels [e.g. Pharma-Zentral-Nummer – PZN (code for medicine identification in Germany)
  • Full inspections (e.g. presence of instructions for use, quantities and data on packages or blister packs, weight checks, damage, etc.)

Built-to-order (abbreviation BTO) is a form of production. The basis for this is an order for finished goods which have to be produced from semi-finished goods, package leaflets, labels and folding boxes. The next step is for the finished goods to be packed ready for shipment and dispatched with the shipping documents to the address of the recipient specified in the order.