Picking – optimum workflow

The aim is to process orders quickly and reliably. PharmLog’s warehouse management computer receives the order from the central computer of the pharmaceutical company via the order entry system.

The delivery notes showing articles and quantities are immediately allocated picking locations and modes of packaging and shipment. The individual picking areas are:

Original cartons are retrieved from the pallet storage racking system by means of mobile order picking trucks. In addition to a radio-controlled data acquisition device, these trucks have a barcode label printer to create shipping labels. After each pick, with weight check, the quantities are transmitted by radio to the warehouse management system so that information on current stock levels is always up-to-date. After each pick, the next picking station in the warehouse is also indicated. In this way the shipping pallet is filled systematically before proceeding to the shipping area.

The picking of single packaging units or bundles is carried out with the aid of a paperless picking and pick-to-light system. After picking and confirmation, the individual order picking receptacles are weighed for verification purposes. For each single unit carton order, one or more receptacles are allocated by means of a volume calculation. Each carton passes through the system to the relevant picking areas. The displays at the picking location show the picker the quantities to be picked.

Pharmaceuticals with cold chain requirement are stored in chill stores at a temperature of 2 – 8 °C. Paperless picking is carried out by means of a pick-to-light system and weight verification in a chill store. The pharmaceuticals are packed ready for shipment in a special packing area. If transportation is not carried out by a temperature controlled carrier, the package is packed in a styrofoam container with the addition of cool packs.

For the picking of particular products or for special sales campaigns by our clients involving large delivery note quantities with the same article composition, orders are handled in a simplified manner. The products are provided in flow channels or at pallet locations and picking is carried out either by means of picking lists or by using the pre-printed delivery notes.