Foerdertechnik Fließband

Data & facts

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Presentation PharmLog

PharmLog presentation

Employees total

Storage capacity Bönen, Siemensstraße 1
Storage area 24,400 m2
High bay pallet spaces 44,000
Chill store pallet spaces 2,800

Storage capacity Bönen, Edisonstraße 25
Storage area 17,857 m2
Storage place ambient (paletts) 33,199
Chill storage place (paletts) 1,578
Administration-and social buildings 1,100 m2

High security pallet spaces 547

Claim management
Storage/administration area 100 m2

Average performance figures (per day)
Orders 8,000
Order lines 40,000
Packaging units 1,250,000
Original cartons 16,000
Assembled cartons from single unit picking 12,000
Chill cartons 1,200

Storage technology
Fully automatic high bay warehouse
Chill store with mobile racking system
Paperless picking through mobile RF data communication and pick-to-light system
Forklift operated warehousing

Transport links
Convenient location on the motorway intersection A1/A2 (Kamener Kreuz)