Ziele Paket auf Fließband

Our goal-Quality and efficiency in unsion

In the field of logistics – especially in the pharmaceutical field – high standards have to be met. It is necessary to provide cost-effective operations while at the same time adjusting to changing influences. These could be new levels of service or a change in the distribution of demand, or they may be characterised by the desire to explore new ecological approaches.

We achieve this goal by bundling processes of the same type for all users, so that synergy effects and economies of scale can be exploited to supply the pharmaceutical market in a significantly faster and more cost-effective manner. At the same time, we provide customer-specific logistic services to respond to varying market requirements.

In consultation with our cooperation partners, we create solutions which will provide optimum support for their sales strategies. We attach great importance to above-average quality achieved by a highly motivated workforce. Our lean organisational structures enable us to react flexibly to changes in the market, thereby consistently increasing the value of the company for the owners.

PharmLog is a system-integrating healthcare service provider

  • operating at low cost, with high productivity and quality,
  • agile, fast-responding and lean,
  • globally active,
  • using human and natural resources in a sustainable manner.